NABA Open to Club Members and Known Meeting Attendees

NABA is open to club members and for member meetings and known attendees of those meetings. From the board:

“NABA is not a shelter and was never intended to be one. We are currently being overrun with homeless people. They are not here seeking sobriety, nor do they understand or practice social distancing.

Effective immediately our doors will be locked 24-7, accessible only to NABA members coming to hold/attend their meetings. Each meeting will be self-policing. Known meeting attendees may be allowed into meetings by NABA members. Discretion is left to the group.

These are tough times, and this is not an easy decision.

We are taking precautions and encouraging social distancing in meetings. We are trying to keep the area as clean as we can between meetings with the limited cleaning supplies that we have. People should not arrive more than 10 minutes before their meetings nor stay more than 15 minutes afterward.

If you are currently a NABA member but have not picked up your key card, please contact the office and arrangements will be made.”



Welcome to the website of the Northside Alcoholics Benevolent Association, affectionately known by members and locals as “NABA.”

The NABA Club is a non-profit organization located in Northeast Atlanta whose primary goal is to offer a safe haven for anyone who wishes to recover from alcoholism. NABA hosts over 40 different AA, Al-Anon & Alateen meetings a week. There are several meeting rooms including a large room for speakers meetings and other events. Downstairs we have a members-only club house. All are invited to join us for dinner every Thursday night. We regularly hold events such as special meetings, events and the well-known Coffee House – a night of music and entertainment.


“NABA hosts over 40 different meetings a week, including AA, Al-Anaon and Alateen. Downstairs we have a members-only club house. NABA regularly hosts special meetings and holds events such as the Coffee House.”

naba members area
NABA members area

Our website has a Meeting schedule for AA, Al-Anon & Alateen meetings, opportunities for Fellowship including upcoming events, and the Thursday night dinner menu. There is information about Membership and how to become a member and take advantage of all NABA has to offer (Note: AA, Al-Anon and Alateen meetings held in the NABA Clubhouse are open to everyone!). You can pay your Membership dues or make a Donation online. There is information about NABA and the history on AA in Atlanta on the About page. You can contact the NABA staff or find a map and directions to NABA on the Contact page.