Please donate to keep NABA in good repair

Please donate to keep NABA in good repair with kitchen updates and window replacement. First $10K will be matched.

Dear NABA supporters,

Exciting news! A NABA benefactor has offered to match the first $10,000 of our donations toward the kitchen appliance upgrade and window replacement projects! This means from now until we reach $10,000 every dollar of your (tax deductible) donation will be doubled!

We have a noble tradition of coming together to support our NABA community and worthwhile causes. We all pitched in to create a new members’ room in 2014, and we worked together to save our building by shoring up the eroding creek bank with rip-rap in 2015-16. This year, we funded the replacement of one of our large AC units. Our success in these endeavors depended on our commitment to each other and to our common goals. I know it will be the same this time. The estimated cost of the kitchen and window upgrade is $45,000 and I know we will make it happen because of all of you.

We are counting on everyone! We understand some won’t be able to contribute financially, so this is where your prayers come in! Everyone has a role to play.

If you’d like to make a financial gift, you can drop it in the office mail slot, pay through PayPal at or give it to any board member. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or any board member. We are here for you!

Looking forward to a successful drive to improve—TOGETHER—the place we all feel is our “second home.” Let’s do it!

Mike B. NABA Board President

Thank you for your support of NABA!

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