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For those who are unable or unwilling to attend in-person AA meetings, we started a virtual one! We meet every day at 7:30am and Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun at 7pm ET *. The full schedule is listed on the Atlanta-Area Intergroup Website.

* On Thu and Sat evenings, we meet at the 5th Tradition Group. Come join us Thu @ 8pm for a Closed Big Book Study and Sat @ 7pm for an Open Speaker Meeting.


Find a list of local online AA and Al-Anon meetings on NABA’s Web Site, and a comprehensive list of local and international online AA meetings on the Atlanta Intergroup Web Site.


The Basic AA Tucson group is holding a virtual Twelve Traditions Workshop on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 from 9:00am to Noon ET on Zoom. Click here for more details!

Donation options:

While this group takes takes digital and physical donations, it does not run for a profit. In other words, none of our members are paid, they are only reimbursed for expenses (For example, our Zoom hosting account). After expenses, we give 100% of what we receive away to various AA service entities including our local Atlanta-Area Intergroup, GSSA and GSO, and to NABA Club for hosting our virtual web page and in-person meetings. This is explained in further detail below.


Due to the pandemic, many meetings are currently closed, thus funds flowing to AA service entities is greatly reduced, yet they still have to pay rent and other expenses. As of August 2020, GSO and Intergroup would have to double their monthly income just to meet expenses. You can do your part by donating to our group or these entities directly. If you are able, consider giving more than you usually would, at least until physical meeting attendance returns to normal. These entities continue to ensure AA is there for the sick and suffering alcoholic. There’s a lot more information about this in the article The Virtual Basket – Keeping A.A’s 7th Tradition Online on the Intergroup web page.

ANONymity online

If you’re comfortable, please use your first name & last initial when joining the meeting. If not, you can use your first name only, or even a reasonable alias. Please do not use “iPad”, “iPhone”, “Android” or something off-color like “Al Coholic”. From a smart phone, here is how you enter your name:

Shared Documents

We have shared documents on Google Drive such as the upcoming schedule, the meeting script, etc.

We recommend purchasing physical copies of the literature from our local Atlanta-Area Intergroup as this helps to support them. If that doesn’t work for you, digital copies are available here:

Alcoholics Anonymous, a.k.a. the “Big Book”FreeKindle
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, a.k.a. the “12 & 12”FreeKindle
Daily ReflectionsFreeKindle
Living SoberFreeKindle
As Bill Sees ItFreeKindle

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions and answers about this meeting. We’re still figuring it all out, so some of this will likely change over time.

  • When is the meeting?
    Every morning at 7:30am and Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun night at 7:00pm Eastern
  • When was the group founded?
    A few of us who were in quarantine wanted to still meet, so we started this online meeting. Our first meeting was on Sunday, March 15th, 2020.
  • What type of meeting is this?
    This is an AA meeting. The morning meeting is Open and based on conference-approved literature. The evening meeting is Open and features a discussion leader or speaker. These are one-hour shared audio and video meetings, however you are welcome to join without video if you so choose.
  • Who can attend?
    Our open meetings are for anyone with a desire to stop drinking or to find out more about alcoholism.
  • How do I join the meeting?
    When it’s time, click here to connect via your computer, smart phone or tablet via Zoom. NOTE: If you’ve never used Zoom before, join a few minutes early and download the app so you’re ready to go when the meeting starts.
  • Can’t I just dial in over the phone?
    Sure you can! Click here to get the dial-in info!
    International numbers are listed here: https://zoom.us/u/fbTOsVuL4Y
  • Do I have to turn on my camera?
    Turning on your camera helps it to feel as much like a real meeting as possible, but it’s entirely up to you if you choose to turn your camera off.
  • How do I share?
    As soon as you join, your line will be muted. When you are ready to share, unmute yourself and say your name, or raise your virtual hand. The chairperson will recognize you and you can begin your share. Please try to keep your shares to 2-3 minutes in order to allow everyone an opportunity to share. We also ask you to refrain from cross-talk. Please keep yourself muted when you are not sharing in order to keep distractions to a minimum. Thank you for your consideration.
  • How do I mute/unmute?
    You can use attendee controls to mute and unmute yourself. If you dialing into the meeting, just use your phone’s mute button.
  • Can I pick up a chip if I am celebrating a sober milestone?
    As this meeting is virtual, we are not able to hand out physical chips, but we do pass them out virtually. If you are celebrating a milestone, you will be given an opportunity to announce it during the meeting.
  • How do I donate?
    Remembering that the 7th tradition states that each group should be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions, we ask that you consider a digital donation if you are able. Keep in mind that many meetings are now closed and service entities are receiving less funds but still need to pay rent and other expenses.
  • Where do the donations go?
    We distribute funds to various service entities including our local Intergroup, GSSA and GSO, as well as NABA Club for hosting our web page and physical meeting. For additional information regarding A.A.’s tradition of self support, please consult the pamphlet Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix, or visit aa.org. We follow the distribution percentages suggested there.
  • How do I get involved?
    During the meeting, we’ll share link to an online calendar with service opportunities to sign up for. We also have group conscience meetings about once a month that you are welcome to attend.
  • I hear a lot of echo on the line when I am / others are talking. What can be done?
    Headphones and headsets help to cut down on noise/feedback, so please use them if you have them. Please do not use speaker phone. Mute your line either on your phone or in the Zoom app when you are not speaking.
  • What is the maximum number of people that can attend?
    Our current plan allows for 100, however we can increase that up to 500.